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Empty Meds Placebo Tribute entered a rehearsal studio for the very first time in march 2007. It is still hard to forget the first track they practiced together: the deeply emotional “Without you I'm Nothing”. They would have never imagined that day would have been the beginnig of a wonderful experience which is still going on nowadays. From just one track, played with the typical shame of a band performing together for the first time, to another song, and another one and so on, Empty Meds can count on a repertory of more than 40 songs. From the more succesful tracks to the less known and rare ones and b-sides, their gigs (also performed unplugged, depending on the needs and the type of location) are characterised by the will to celebrate the greatness and the talent of a alternative band such as Placebo which, even if time goes by, is still on the edge and with an evergrowing fanbase. “We are not Placebo and we don't demand to be them -as said by the band - our main goal is to let the audience have fun with songs which are not just covers, but re-interpreted creations with an easily recognizable and personal touch. We want to be more than just a tribute. That's why we always play songs that Placebo seem to have forgotten on their setlist.” Empty Meds have been playing live since more than 5 years, in many different places in Italy and above all in Milan (their hometown), where they rocked the stage on the main alternative clubs of the city (Zoe, Black Hole, TNT, Legend 54). They also played in other cities like Rome, Vicenza, Padova, Bologna, Massa Carrara, Prato, Pavia and several times in Switzerland. Their fanbase is still wide thanks to a costant presence on the main social networks, communities and forums dedicated to Placebo fans. Descrizione Line up Nicolò Augelli – Nic: lead vocals Domenico Cambareri – Dome: main guitar and back vocals Gianluca Gigliotti – Giglio: bass and back vocals Attilio Cazzaniga – Atti: drums websites http://www.emptymeds.com/ (under construction) http://placebo-tribute-band.tumblr.com/ http://www.youtube.com/emptymeds http://www.facebook.com/emptymeds.placebo.tribute http://www.myspace.com/emptymeds Modifica
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Empty Meds Placebo Tribute Band a Torino insieme ai The Footos Mint! Vi aspettiamo sul lungo Po’ al New Chicago! Troveta nel link tutte le info su questo doppio evento Placebo e Foo Fighters

Doppio appuntamento next week in Liguria e Toscana!

Venerdi’ 9 Maggio @Skaletta Rock Club La Spezia ore 22.30

Live in ACUSTICO Sabato 10 maggio @Circolo Arci Nuvole Rapide Carrara ore 21
in collaborazione con Placebo Italia - Fan group




We’re back in Milano, save the date: 14 Marzo 2014! Empty Meds Placebo tribute band live allo storico Black Hole!

la serata prosegue poi con le danze del Black Circus! Vi aspettiamo in Viale Umbria a Milano!

Iniziamo alle 22 con il live dei fabulous Dade City Days!

Evento su Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/495056930607292/?fref=ts


EmptyMeds Placebo Tribute band Live a Prato e Pescara Il 24 e 25 Gennaio si suona Placebo all’Exenzia di Prato (venerdì 24) e al Loft 128 (sabato 25). Doppia tappa per gli Empty Meds Placebo Tribute band :)

e Vi aspettiamo anche sul fan club dei PlaceboFans su Facebook!

Tutti pronti per i PLACEBODAYS a BOLOGNA il 22 e 23 NOVEMBRE 2013!

il 22 presentazione della unofficial bio “La rosa e la corda - Placebo 20 years” di Francesca del Moro, a seguire un Party in collaborazione con Placebo Italia Fan Group con giochi, gagdgets, meeting dei fan e il live dei Dade City Days e Empty Meds Placebo Tribute Band.

Il 23, tutti all’Unipol Arena per il concerto dei Placebo!

Tutti i dettagli sul fan group di facebook.

Ecco l’evento del 22: https://www.facebook.com/events/608249505888695/?fref=ts

Si ringraziano le community italiane dei placebo per la collaborazione, in particolare Black Eyed Placebo Forum!

Nell’immagine, tutto quello che c’è da sapere sui PlaceboDays!

potete anche scaricarla qui:  http://dfiles.eu/files/14wh0aajl


Siete pronti?

 12 ottobre, La Spezia suona Placebo!

Gli Empty Meds inaugurano la  nuova stagione di concerti nella hometown del cantante.

Serata alquanto particolare nello storico 

Unclear & loud Night con il concerto della cover band e il dj set di Miss Q Lee + La Fede e Manubì!

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Day 217, We Are Loud Like Love

Placebo at Jisan Word Rock Festival

Placebo at Jisan Word Rock Festival